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Emergency electrical heating backup toolkit to keep zinc liquid in galvanizing baths

Published: - 17/09/2022 Author: FIB
Emergency electrical heating backup toolkit to keep zinc liquid in galvanizing baths

Gas power cut: a potential risk

Facing the risk of a temporary gas power cut, the galvanizers are experiencing many concerns to keep their zinc in a liquid state. In case of a gas power cut, the electrical emergency backup kit is plunged into the molten zinc. Combined with some insulation on the surface, the FIB electrical emergency back-power supply allows keeping your zinc molten in standby conditions until the gas is coming back.

The system consists of several electrical silicon elements that resist the corrosion of zinc (and zinc alloys) directly plunged into the kettle. The system is powered via a specific electrical switchboard. A metallic support is installed on the line to correctly position the electrical elements for an easy handling.

This system may be used for both metallic and ceramic galvanizing kettles. However, FIB specialists suggest taking extra caution for metallic kettles, as the zinc may freeze on the bottom.

Illustration for a metallic galvanizing bath: 


Illustration for a ceramic zinc bath with central immersion gas burners: 

Included in the company's scope of supply:

• electrical heaters with support frames adapted to the equipment;
• electrical cables between heaters and dedicated electrical cabinet;
• temperature sensor (specific);
• temperature regulator;
• supervision of assembly and testing.

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