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Fuchs Lubricating Fluids

Published: - 20/12/2010 Author: Dell'Oro, Management
Fuchs Lubricating Fluids.
Renolin, Renosafe, Renep and Planto.

The lubricating oils produced by Fuchs decisively contribute to solving the most challenging tribology problems.

Fuchs products encompass a wide viscosity range to meet the needs of the most diverse applications. Their mineral, synthetic or natural based formulas comply with the most advanced, innovative technical, workers health and safety and environmental requirements.
The basic ranges are:

Mineral based oils for industrial applications

Hydraulic Safety fluids when fire risk is present

Mineral based oils for lubricating slideways and saddles.

Biodegradable oils with an extremely low environmental impact

Adding to the products listed above, special products are also available to fit customers’ requests. Please contact the Product Management department.
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