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Fuchs Metal Working Fluids

Published: - 21/06/2010 Author: Dell'Oro, Management
Fuchs Metal Working FluidsFuchs Metal Working Fluids. Our fluids for metal working, either emulsifiable or neat cutting oils, meet the most advanced requirements of mechanical industry. New tooling rotation regimes and pressures, as well as the quality of new tool machines, make it imperative to use innovative cutting and grinding fluids. FUCHS emulsifiable and neat oils are the cutting edge of this sector, thanks to a wealth of over seventy years experience built through close interaction with our customers and top tool machine/CNC manufacturers. Respect for the environment and our ongoing strive to foster technologies with a low environmental impact are the driving force of Fuchs research centres, for which these objectives have become the pillars of our mission to serve industry. - Emulsifiable oils - Neat oils - Quenching oils and fluids - Forming oils