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F-MAS by FUHR: an advanced data acquisition and evaluation system

Published: - 30/06/2020 Author: Pepe, Sales Dep.
F-MAS by FUHR: an advanced data acquisition and evaluation system

For wire profile measurement, up until now FUHR has been relying on tactile systems in which the wire is scanned with diamond-studded, high-resolution displacement measuring devices. The company has been developing and building this measuring technology for years. Featuring precision, robustness, and good value for money, these tools are already equipped on new FUHR machines and can also be easily installed into third-party lines.

However, with the recently increased popularity of big data and Industry 4.0, this is often no longer sufficient — as customers now require more in-depth data analyses and quality documentation.

This is why FUHR has strived to develop an innovative data acquisition and evaluation system, F-MAS. This new technology is available as an additional option to tactile devices, but can also be retrofitted onto existing digital or analog measuring systems.

F-MAS measures two wire dimensions (i.e. width and thickness of a rectangular profile) with a frequency of 250 Hz. This data is then displayed in diagrams and used to calculate statistical values, display frequency distributions, and generate reports. Additionally, data can also be easily exported to standard analysis software via an OPC-UA interface.

This new system also features FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) analysis to detect cyclical dimensional fluctuations and determine the cause of a quality problem based on the occurrence frequency of the error — i.e. the concentricity error of a roller or the defect of a bearing can be reliably addressed.

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