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Wire rolling mills. The main market outlets and the best solutions to get shaped wire

Published: - 30/07/2019 Author: Di Maggio, EIC
Wire rolling mills. The main market outlets and the best solutions to get shaped wire

Rolling mill machines are used to form round wires into shaped wires of any kind: flat wire, square wire, custom shaped wire in different materials (ferrous, non-ferrous, as well as stainless steel). A wide array of industry segments can deploy such technologies, such as the automotive, energy, logistics, food, textile and building industry.

Wire rolling mills can be intended both for cold and warm forming applications. Especially the cold rolling machines are quite expensive, and most of the users are high-level companies that want to add value to their production by selling goods with greater margins, or produce shaped wire by themselves for vertical integration purposes.

The Germany-based company FUHR comes into play by designing highly-customized wire rolling machines exactly as per requirements. The production range encompasses both stand-alone and tailor-made rolling lines & equipment, as well as turn-key solutions.

Such machines cannot just be bought out of a catalogue. They are very complex investment goods that involve a considerable technical consultancy for the entire process (e.g. design of the processing steps, layout of roll geometry, possible rolling trials). Even after the order placement, it can take up to one year or more to design and manufacture a machine, including shipping and final on-site installation.

Fuhr has over 70 years of experience in the field and a client base spread in Germany, Austria, Japan, Korea, USA, India and many other nations. The corporate facilities have a size of around 10,000 square meters and are equipped with the latest production technologies, allowing FUHR to be a leading partner of many businesses – companies that often rank among the best in their sector and that benefit from Fuhr's innovative rolling technology solutions as critical success factor.