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Marta System, a new automatic wire welding cell

Published: - 18/11/2022 Author: Martina, Ed. Staff
Marta System, a new automatic wire welding cell

GEM Srl, an Italy-based company specializing in the manufacture of machines and specific components for resistance welding, is glad to present Marta System, a state-of-the-art automatic cell.

The purpose of the Marta System model is to assemble different types of rebar products by resistance welding. Component loading and unloading are manual, while welding is performed automatically by the robot.

According to each customer's specific need, this machinery is suitable for several spaces and different angles, thanks to a rotary table that helps the operator in various operations.

The welder moves on interpolated Cartesian axes and is equipped with a rotating electrode system, ideal for easily reaching the corners of the baskets to be welded. In addition, the loose components needed for the process are placed on the jig by using the rotary table, which brings them into the welding zone by making a 180° turn. This makes it possible to maintain the highest productivity levels, as the machine welds the components while the operator unloads the final product and reloads new items to be welded onto the jig.

Thanks to this system, the machine can be placed in the fourth part of a robot cell; moreover, its strong self-supporting structure allows the machine to be easily relocated and have its layout changed.

And that's not all: the wire welding Marta model features a robotic control unit with "Integrated Safety System", as well as a state-of-the-art touch screen and brushless motors with absolute encoders.

To learn more about all the features of the Marta System Robot Cell, please visit GEM website >>