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Second-hand and new wire & cable machinery - Ger's new entries

Published: - 13/03/2015 Author: Scaccabarozzi, Ed. Staff
Second-hand and new wire & cable machinery - Ger's new entries

GER SA specializes in the sale of new and second-hand machinery for wire and cable, for the ferrous and non-ferrous industry since 1980.
The Belgium-based company can offer both single machines and complete plants for steel rod and wire, non-ferrous wire, steel ropes, electrical insulated cables etc.

Hereafter, the new entries by GER.

TG 99054/ 1 used rod
breakdown line OTT for high
carbon steel, year 1992, 8 dies,
capstan dia. 900 mm, max.
inlet dia. 15 mm, min. outlet
dia. 4 mm, incl. double spooler
dia. 1250 mm.
REC 40001/ 1 NEW continuous
resistance annealer GER, year
2015, for intermediate drawing
machines, wire dia. range 0,4-
1,2 (1,6) mm, individual motor
18,5 KW, 20 m/sec., steam
DRES 23048/ 1 used straight-&
cutting machine DORCA, wire
dia. 1-4 (5) mm, rotor with 5
straight. dies, bar counter,
outlet table 4 m.
SA 13001/ 1 used automatic
cutting & crimping machine
KORMAK TSA 45, year 1989,
with feeder RNA.
BO 27105/ 1 used horizontal
static coiler MILL, capstan dia.
420 mm, wire dia. approx. 0,8-
2,0 mm, max. speed approx.
12 m/sec, without electr.
BO 99026/ 1 NEW pay-off
spooler, cantilever type, max.
spool dia. 1250 mm, max.
spool width 975 mm, pneum.
disc brake, hydraul. spool
lifting, max. spool weight 4000
BO 27106/ 1 used static coiler
for the production of small wire
coils COMERFISAM, 1988,
capstan dia. 300 mm, approx.
12 m/sec., 4 coiling heads for
strapping, coil outside dia. 350
mm, coil inside dia. 250 mm,
coil weight max. 25 kg.
E 13021/ 1 used PVC
granulator ANDOUART, screw
dia. 150 mm, 7 L/D, screw rpm
max. 55, 600-800 kg/hour,
without motor and electr.
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CA 12086/ 1 used double twist
buncher SETIC, model T475,
max. 5000 twists/min., max. 7
mm², spool dia. max. 475 mm,
D.C. motor 14,7 KW.


And if you have surplus machines, GER is always interested in buying good condition equipment for its worldwide customers.