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Second-hand machines for the wire and cable industry - GER's May 2015 entries

Published: - 12/05/2015 Author: Dell'Oro, Management
Second-hand machines for the wire and cable industry - GER's May 2015 entries

GER SA specializes in the sale of new and second-hand machinery for wire and cable, for the ferrous and non-ferrous industry since 1980.

The Belgium-based company can offer both single machines and complete plants for steel rod and wire, non-ferrous wire, steel ropes, electrical insulated cables etc.

Here follow the last entries for GER SA, concerning machinery both for ferrous and non ferrous wire.

CA99479/ 1 used tubular
strander 6+1/630, JLK, for
steel-Al or Cu wire, ACSR, Al-
alloys, year 2010, wire dia.
steel and Cu. 1,3-3,5mm,
insulated 1,5-5,0mm, max.
strand dia. 15mm, double haul-
off, dia. 1500mm, encircling
bearings, take-up 2000mm,
touchscreen, very good
conditon, still in production!
BO27086/ 1 used horizontal
static coiler OFE, for Cu- rod
line, capstan dia. 660mm, wire
dia. range approx. 1,2-3,6mm,
stem weight approx. 1 to,
speed max. 14 m/sec.
RD25001/ 1 used rotating die
AUTOMAT, for steel rod
breakdown machines, die dia.
max.60 mm, die length 30-
50mm, water-cooled, good
BO27080/ 1 used portal-type
pay-off KABMATIC, motorized,
1980, reel dia. max. 1250mm,
reel width 950mm, motorized
reel lifting / lowering and pintle
opening / closing,pneum.brake,
electr.panel, nice condition
TG99062/ 1 used steel rod
breakdown machine
8 blocks, dia. 600 mm, inlet dia.
max. 6,5mm high C, DC motors
55 KW, approx. 10 m/sec.,
NEW thyristor units in 2010.
BO27068/ 1 used single
overhead-type pay-off
ELECTRORREC, cone type,
spool dia. DIN560mm,
motorized, mounted on wheels.
BO27102/ 1 used horizontal
spooler MTM, spool flange dia.
max. 800mm, max. spool width
600mm, pintle dia.127mm,
traversing with individual motor,
main motor DC 45 KW, max.
20 m/sec.
BO26026/ 52 used balanced
steel spools, DIN560mm, total
width 430 mm, useful width
360mm, bore dia.127mm,
on pallets.
BO99025/ 1 used level (re-)
winder for CO2 welding wire
DECO ROLLEX, dia. range
0,8-2,5mm, layer-on-layer
spooling, spool weight 15 kg,
pneumatic dancer, motorized
pay-off for 1000 mm spools.
PH29006/ 1 used wire
preheater ZUMBACH, for
insulation lines, model 31OFL,
max. speed 1000 m/min.,
temperature 170°C, 12 KVA,
40 A


And if you have surplus machines, GER is always interested in buying good condition equipment for its worldwide customers.
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