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Special autumn sale - reduced prices on second-hand machines!

Published: - 15/09/2015 Author: Dell'Oro, Management
Special autumn sale - reduced prices on second-hand machines!

GER SA, specializing in second-hand machinery for wire and cable, for the ferrous and non-ferrous industry, announces a special autumn sale.

The Belgium-based company, operating since 1980, is able to offer both single machines and complete plants for steel rod and wire, non-ferrous wire, steel ropes, electrical insulated cables etc.

Here follow the offer from GER SA:


TS36011/ 1 used mesh welding
line VIDA, 1998, panel width
max. 2400 mm, panel length
max. 6300 mm, wire dia. 5-12
mm, 6 x 150 KVA, with stacker.
BO27090/ 1 used take-up
spooler MELTECH, 2005,
spool dia. max. 1250 mm,
spool width max. 1100 mm,
max. spool weight 3500 kg, AC
gear motor 5,5 KW, ratio 14.8,
new SIEMENS CPU and panel,
excellent condition!
TG0173/ 1 used double block
COMAPAC, 1986, capstan dia.
460/375 mm, max.inlet dia. 5,5
mm, 2 die holders, 37 KW, 4,1
m/sec., reconditioned.
BO27080/ 1 used portal type
pay-off KABMATIC, motorized,
1980, reel dia. max. 1250 mm,
reel width max. 950 mm,
electrical panel, nice condition!
DRES23048/ 1 used straight.-
and cutting machine DORCA,
wire dia. 1-4 (5) mm, bar
counter, outlet table 4 m.
BO27065/ 1 used reel pay-off
REA, max. reel dia. 1400 mm,
max. reel width 900 mm,
hydraulics, pneum. disc brake.
DRES23029/ 1 used straight.-
and cutting machine VITARI
NR5/77, 1980, wire dia. 7-14
mm, 30 KW AC, max. 90
m/min., reconditioned.
BO99026/ 1 new cantilever
pay-off, max. spool dia. 1250
mm, max. spool width 975 mm,
max. spool weight 4000 kg,
hydraul. lift/lower, pneum. disc
BO27085/ 1 new motorized
pay-off spooler AUTOMAT,
max. spool dia. 1200 mm, max
spool width 690 mm, 10,8 KW,
EUROTHERM 590, incl.
hydraulic pack, never used!
TF1073/ 1 used intermediate
drawing machine SKET for Cu-
wire, model UDZWG160/22,
inlet dia. max. 3,5 mm, outlet
dia. min. 0,4 mm, elongation
21%, 22 dies, max. 35 m/sec,
incl. spooler for DIN 500
spools, ceramic cones.
BO27103/ 1 used
BREITENBACH horizontal
spooler, spool dia. max. 1200
mm, max. 7 m/sec, 37 KW AC,
new electrics SIEMENS in
2010, good conditon! EC label!
TF1099/ 1 used intermediate
drawing line ELECTRORREC,
for Cu-wire, 9 dies, inlet dia.
3,5 mm, outlet dia. 0,5 mm,
annealer,67 KVA,horiz. spooler
for spool dia. 800 mm max.
BO27104/ 1 used horizontal
downcoiler TEUREMA, 1999,
capstan día. 600 mm, wire día.
1-3,4 mm, 14 m/sec, 18,5 KW
ABB, with rotating turntable for
rosette layering, very good
E99004/ 1 used extruder
SAMAFOR, single screw dia.
45 mm, screw length 22 D,
motor LEROY-SOMER AC, 11
KW, incl. electrical and heating
cabinet, with hopper, good
FS71001/ 1 used production
line for CO 2 wire SIEV, 1988,
horiz. pay-off, coppering bath
(new), haul-off block, motorized
dancer accumulator, layer-on-
layer spooler for K300 spools
with angle control on flanges.
PH29004/ 1 used pre-heater
BETA MCS190, 1996, 16 KVA,
wire dia. range 0,37-1,40 mm,
2500 m/min, good condition!

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