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Zero-slip wet drawing lines, enter Gimax

Published: - 14/07/2021 Author: Scaccabarozzi, Ed. Staff
Zero-slip wet drawing lines, enter Gimax

Among all the manufacturers of drawing machinery for welding wire and related products, GIMAX was the first to manufacture and introduce onto the market in 2014-15 a completely zero-slip wet drawing line

Only after several years did alternative solutions begin to appear. However, the time advantage allowed GIMAX to perfect the machinery and conquer a leading position for this type of drawing equipment.

The GIMAX TRS unit has independent drives for each single block and incorporates a full speed control using dancer arms to adjust capstan speed depending on die wear. The unit is also the first to have a lubricating system where the formulation is sprayed directly into the die (thus maximizing wire lubrication), over the capstan, and then recirculated. This guarantees benefits in cleanliness of the lubricant when compared to draw benches where wire, capstans, and dies are totally submerged in a lubricant containing impurities.

Other main advantages are:

- reduction of mechanical wear due to independent transmission;
- no material elongation between each block;
- mechanical rotating dies which ensure better and consistent quality of the finished wire and a uniform die wear, thus resulting in a longer die life;
- remarkable energy savings and noise reduction;
- greater flexibility, possibility of using different breakdown scales or percentages like a dry draw bench;
- lubricant optimization (filtration and recirculation) ensures a more efficient lubrication, thus reducing waste and increasing die and capstan duration.

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