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Giorinastri, 100% polyester endless slings

Published: - 19/02/2021 Author: Pepe, Sales Dep.
Giorinastri, 100% polyester endless slings

More than fifty years of experience allow Giorinastri Srl, a historical Italian company, to be among the leaders in the production of handling equipment, such as tie-down or strapping systems in polyester HT (PES), nylon, and polypropylene.

Giorinastri's offer also includes endless slings with safety factor 7:1 in different colors (as per CEN standard from 1 to 10 tons; see picture below). This type of sling is manufactured using 100% polyester fibers, both for the unique configuration of the internal filaments and for the external sheath that encloses them. This ensures that the load-bearing element of the sling, i.e. the internal fiber, never comes into contact with the load. Therefore, this sling can be reused as long as the wear of the sheath is not such as to allow direct contact between the inner fiber and the load. Ideal for use with irregularly shaped goods, Giorinastri's endless slings are manufactured according to EN 1492-2.

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