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Giorinastri Srl, disposable lifting belts

Published: - 21/07/2020 Author: Pepe, Sales Dep.
Giorinastri Srl, disposable lifting belts

Giorinastri Srl has been specializing in anchoring and lifting systems in HT polyester (PES), nylon, and polypropylene for multiple sectors since 1963.

With a widespread customer base throughout Italy, the company also exports its solutions outside the national territory. In particular, Giorinastri manufactures disposable lifting systems with a 5:1 safety coefficient exclusively for the foreign market.
This type of product is particularly suitable for goods transportation from the production plant to the final consumer. Unlike the commonly used rings, disposable belts must be destroyed and disposed of once they reach their final destination, as indicated by the orange identification label.

Here are just a few advantages:
- easy use and disposal;
- convenient transportation;
- low weight and flexible lifting sling;
- suitable for different types of lifting slings;
- easy product separation;
- minimum tensile strength 5 times the load-bearing capacity.

Giorinastri's disposable lifting systems comply with DIN 60005.

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