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Horizontal lead extruders for cable sheathing by HFSAB

Published: - 28/07/2022 Author: Claudia, Ed. Staff
Horizontal lead extruders for cable sheathing by HFSAB

Extruding lead in a cost-efficient manner

A lead sheath applied on cables grants protection against elements such as moisture, chemical influences, gases, and bacterial contamination. Covering cables with a homogenous and seamless lead sheath is precisely the scope of the machines made by HFSAB, the world-renowned manufacturer of lead extruders.

The horizontally working LEH lead extruders are compact and stand on the floor without any special foundations, simplifying access and maintenance. The loading system, feeding the heavy lead ingots into the melting pot, relieves the operator and contributes to improving the safety. These new models feature highly performing AC motors, a straight powertrain, a freestanding cooling water tank, a control cabinet, and an operating panel.

The fully automatic LEH extruders can continuously work for weeks, still maintaining a constant extrusion temperature and lead sheath thickness. Servo-motor-driven die centering bolts help to center the lead sheath in the extruder die block. This allows an important reduction in the set-up times and materials and makes it easy to apply a lead sheath with consistent wall thickness and tight tolerances around the cable. Resulting in huge savings in lead and other direct and indirect costs.

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With more than half a century of experience in lead extrusion equipment and 349 machines delivered in its history, HFSAB exports 99% of its products to 220 customers around the world. The Swedish company focuses on the manufacture of lines and machinery for continuous extrusion, cable repair and recovery systems, and cable stripping machinery, delivering its extruders to a wide range of industries, such as Submarine Power Cable, EHV, HV, MV Power Cable companies, oil and gas industry, Rubber Cable and telecommunication companies.