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German wire and cable industry supplier Heinze & Streng to present its new catalog

Published: - 21/06/2020 Author: Pepe, Sales Dep.
German wire and cable industry supplier Heinze & Streng to present its new catalog

The well-known wire and cable industry supplier Heinze & Streng has just released a brand new corporate catalog.

Available for download at this link, the brochure provides a simple and effective overview of the German company, presenting the main reasons why you should rely on Heinze & Streng for your business. The firm is a 360-degree service partner for wire and cable manufacturers, featuring an almost endless range of ready-to-deliver items. In detail:

Spare parts and wear parts: contact tubes and bands, flyer bows, carbon brushes, drawing tools, ceramic parts, seals, slip rings, air wipes, electrical components, hydraulic elements, and much more. Hundreds of companies count on Heinze & Streng for their spare parts and consumable needs. Why? Two words: functionality and durability.

Equipment: the German firm can provide customers with all the various tools and equipment required in wire and cable manufacturing. From welders to shears and cutters.

Machines: in a well-rounded product portfolio like Heinze & Streng’s, machines and production lines could not miss. The company, in fact, is the official European distributor of Kinrei stranding machines for ultra-fine wires.

But that’s not all. Heinze & Streng staff is at your disposal to discuss every production need and develop customized solutions upon request.

Why rely on dozens of different companies? Choose one single and reliable partner, choose Heinze & Streng.