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Henkel expands partnership with social enterprise Plastic Bank

Published: - 28/04/2021 Author: Vood, Sales Dep.
Henkel expands partnership with social enterprise Plastic Bank

Henkel and Plastic Bank have opened their first three plastic waste collection centers in Cairo, Egypt. The project is part of Henkel’s successful and long-term partnership with the social enterprise.

Working together, Henkel and Plastic Bank are going to reveal the hidden value in plastic so that it is no longer seen as waste, but rather for its ability to change lives. At the collection centers, people can return collected plastic waste and exchange it for money. The material is then reprocessed and given new life – for example in Henkel’s product packaging. This not only avoids plastic waste in the environment, but also makes a long-term social impact for the local population.

“Henkel’s commitment to sustainability is deeply anchored in our corporate culture, and an integral element of our strategic agenda for Purposeful Growth. The unique cooperation with Plastic Bank helps us to integrate more recycled plastic into our product’s packaging and contributes to reaching our ambitious targets for a Circular Economy and avoiding plastic waste,” says Carsten Knobel, CEO of Henkel.

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