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Galvanized steel wires and strands, crucial components of fiber optic cables

Published: - 28/07/2019 Author: Vood, Sales Dep.
Galvanized steel wires and strands, crucial components of fiber optic cables

Galvanized steel wires and strands are crucial components for metal fiber optic cables, power cables and communication cables. In particular, they are used to strengthen/support conductors, creating a rigid structure (armouring) inside the sheaths, to protect them in harsh environments.

Everything starts with hot-dip galvanizing, a rather complex process that consists of several phases. Wire processed this way acquires several new properties such as increased corrosion resistance, higher elasticity and higher tensile strength, all the features that make them suitable to be used in extreme conditions and direct buried installation.

Heshan Hang Kei Steel Wire Manufacturing produces and supplies high-quality galvanized steel wires and strands for fiber optical cables. The galvanizing process is carried out by the Nitrogen Wiping system machinery imported from Canada, from the well-known galvanizing plant manufacturer QED; while the wire rod employed comes directly from Sha Steel, one of the top 5 steel suppliers in China. With the hot-dipped galvanizing process, Heshan Hang Kei can work very heavy zinc coating weight, up to 400-500 g/m2, as per American standards.

In addition, the company produces carbon steel spring wire, piano wire, bedding spring wire, bead wire, spoke wire, umbrella wire, ACSR, zinc-coated steel strand and various ropes.

The finest raw materials and state-of-the-art technologies are combined with Heshan Hang Kei’s expertise and deep understanding of processing techniques to manufacture high-quality products in compliance with the major international regulations.