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Heshan Hang Kei resuming its production

Published: - 22/03/2020 Author: Vood, Sales Dep.
Heshan Hang Kei resuming its production

Heshan Hang Kei Steel Wire Manufacturing Co. Ltd has recently reopened, after a temporary closure due to the coronavirus outbreak. Following below, the official communication:

“Due to COVID19 epidemic in China,
our plant has been closed for Lunar Year since 21 Jan. 2020, and continuously shut down until 16 Feb, 2020. We have already resumed production on 17 Feb, 2020.

As the severely affected area is in Wuhan, Hubei Province, which is more than 1000 KM away from our plant, we don't have any serious cases in Heshan, and our plant will pay great importance to the strict prevention and control of all businesses and factory activities. We want to inform you that our business and production operation is back to normal and can deliver the cargoes as per schedules.

We thank you for your understanding and continuous support!

Heshan Hang Kei


Based in the GuangDong Province, Pearl River Delta Reign, the company manufactures carbon steel spring wire, piano wire, bedding spring wire, bead wire, spoken wire, umbrella wire, ACSR, galvanized low carbon steel wire for armouring cables, galvanized wire strand, high-strength fiber optic cable, zinc-coated steel strand, and various ropes.

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