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Hyperion and KKR: investing in people to shape the future

Published: - 06/06/2019 Author: Scaccabarozzi, Ed. Staff
Hyperion and KKR: investing in people to shape the future

Hyperion Materials & Technologies is a leader in the hard and super hard materials business as well as diamond and carbide manufacturing and production.

Hyperion has a deep understanding of its customer’s needs, a skill it has built over more than 60 years of history and experience. The company has a very strong international footprint, with divisions located in the Americas, Asia and Europe, and currently exports its products worldwide.

In July 2018, Hyperion began an exciting transition into an independent company when it was acquired by investment firm KKR.

Huge steps have been made in this transformative process, that further enhanced the sense of team, involvement and cooperation among workers. One such step was the introduction of an ownership participation plan, which allows Hyperion workers to profit from the value they help create.

At Hyperion, all the workers feel rewarded and recognized for the value and expertise they bring to the company’s success.

To quote Ron Voigt, Hyperion CEO, from the video below:

“When our team works together and our interests are aligned, that’s really what I’m enjoying, that’s what gets me up everyday”.