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A new system to manage IABG spring strength test stands

Published: - 23/11/2021 Author: Pepe, Sales Dep.
A new system to manage IABG spring strength test stands

The next generation of system controls for IABG durability test stand managing is here. The real-time features and the UI have been designed from scratch to enable simple and intuitive test stand operations.

The new graphical user interface "Cyclus" boasts a wide array of handy features, such as:
- main menu for the easy setup of test jobs and the efficient execution of complete test campaigns;
- real-time monitoring of important test stand functions and conditions;
- integrated test item management;
- test specimen assigned data acquisition;
- possibility to create test cycles by combining mechanical loads and corrosion exposure;
- possibility to test program blocks - selectable sequence and mixing;

- adjustable mean load and amplitude;
- adaptive controller of the test stand;
- reduction of necessary operator interaction for control parameter adjustment.

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