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Top Combustion: new gas furnace for bars heating

Published: - 08/03/2018 Author: Simonati, Programming office
Top Combustion: new gas furnace for bars heating

The advantages of combustion furnaces compared to the induction system for the heating of bars for hot molding.

ICMI Srl, specialized in design and realization of heat treatment plants and reheating furnaces, has released an innovative reheating furnace meant for molding lines with hot cutting of bars, that uses methane gas as energy source.

Heating quality and project reliability
Induction system users often have doubts related to consolidated habits and low performances of old gas heating systems on the market.

These doubts are totally overcome by innovative solutions developed in the design of the furnace TOP COMBUSTION, which has lead to the project patent.
- Lower bars oxidation
- High heat performance
- Temperature uniformity between internal and external part of the bar both on the cross -sections and on the total length
- Bars forwarding feed system
- Simplicity in management
- Standard units to be assembled according to productive demands

Reduction of energy costs
The use of methane gas as a bars heating energy source instead of electric energy allows an important reduction in energetic heating costs per ton. The average methane gas consumption per ton corresponds to the average cost of 37$/ton (Italian market references).

This important innovation is able to respond to the specific demands of steel hot molding.

For more details about the TOP COMBUSTION furnace, ICMI is available at stand J34 pavilion 6 at the fair wire in Düsseldorf, from the 16th to the 20th of April 2018.