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Inoxalca, self-forming trilobular screws

Published: - 07/10/2021 Author: Simonati, Programming office
Inoxalca, self-forming trilobular screws

Inoxalca, an Italy-based company focusing on special screws, provides a wide range of self-forming trilobular screws for every need.

The corporate catalog includes:

- hex head screws;
- pan head screws Z (pozidrive);
- hexalobular pan head screws;
- hex head flange screws;
- countersunk head screws Z (pozidrive);
- hexalobular countersunk head screws;
- button head screws.

The particular triangular shape of the thread greatly improves the sealing strength - compared with traditional chip removal threads - while maintaining the metal fibers intact thanks to the gradual deformation of the material.

To learn more, please contact the company using the information on the side.