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Three questions for Isella Srl

Published: - 28/05/2018 Author: Katia Martinini
Three questions for Isella Srl

Isella S.r.l., a company with almost 70 years of experience in the sector, is a specialist in the production of cold rolled products. Founded as a simple wire drawing company that produced round drawn and square wire, Isella has been oriented over time to a new and increasingly specialized and niche work, gradually installing new cold rolling plants. Starting from high quality materials, the company produces bars and rolls of rolled strip upon specific customer request. From the simple drawing or sample to the finished product, the company deals with all the production process. To get a close look at the reality of a historic company in the sector, we asked three questions to Barbara Isella, owner of the company.

You have moved from cold rolled products to the production of round and square drawn products - for what reasons?
It was a fairly gradual process, mainly due to market demand. For a long time we have maintained both productions, but the demand for cold-rolled plates has become increasingly consistent and absorbed the entire production capacity. Hence the decision to leave the production of drawn products, already very present in the territory, in favor of cold-rolled strip that over the years has been increasingly customized to the needs of our customers.

Let's make it clear, for those who do not know: what are the main differences in terms of quality and technical characteristics between a drawn wire and a rolled wire?
Cold rolling produces greater mechanical resistance, thus allowing the customer to offer a greater range of resistance. Furthermore it gives a more accurate surface finish, more suitable for a subsequent chrome plating and enameling.

You have chosen not to outsource any phase of the production process. What's behind this choice; and until now has it ever penalized you?
The decision not to outsource any phase of the production process is mainly due to the fact that most of our customers require customized materials, with non-standard edges, finishes and qualities. It is therefore necessary to calibrate and customize each stage of production. We often "build" the product together with the customer, making targeted tests and sampling in order to obtain an optimal finished product, tailored to our customer's needs. The decision to keep the entire production in the company was therefore a winning one as it allows us to control and define every single phase of production internally.

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