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Krenn's hydraulic presses and steel cutters at wire 2018

Published: - 13/03/2018 Author: Katia Martinini
Krenn's hydraulic presses and steel cutters at wire 2018

70 years of expertise in steel cutting! KRENN offers the most versatile steel cutting programme in Europe.
The product range of KRENN GmbH & Co. KG includes tools for cutting steel wire, steel rod, reinforcement steel mesh, wire rope, steel strapping, chains and cables. Different types of cutters are available: manual, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, pneumatic or battery-operated.

When it took over the “Steel Cutter and Testing Presses” division of Kamax Tools & Equipment company, KRENN supplemented its product range with high-quality hydraulic devices for cutting and straightening steel as well as hydraulic upsetting presses for material testing.

KAMAX hydraulic presses with a pressing force of 500 kN to 5,000 kN are ideally suited for compression testing of wire samples. They are also available as a double press with integrated cutting device. Using the shearing device, the test piece for the upset test can be cut exactly to the desired length. The sample is ejected burr-free and with even shear surfaces.

The Kamax presses have been further developed by Krenn to increase occupational safety and user-friendliness. The new electrical control optimizes the adjustment and maintenance.
Optionally, the presses are delivered with a sound insulation. This is especially recommended when testing wires with high tensile strength.

wire 2018, Duesseldorf, April 16-20

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In the picture: KAMAX Hydraulic Material Testing Press Z160/Z315