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Looking for a machine to optimize your wire production? No way around Lämneå Bruk’s stand

Published: - 19/06/2022 Author: Di Maggio, EIC
Looking for a machine to optimize your wire production? No way around Lämneå Bruk’s stand

The wait is almost over. All the exhibitors at wire & Tube 2022 are at the starting line: manufacturers of wire, finished products, equipment, lubricants, and foremost machines are ready to show industry professionals their latest innovations.


A prominent company among them is the Swedish machine manufacturer Lämneå Bruk, looking forward to interesting conversations with customers and prospects at stand no. A06 in hall 9 - right at the entrance.


The centerpiece of the stand is one of the newest innovations, the No Twist Coiler 1200.

The NTC 1200 will dramatically increase your drawing and uncoiling speeds due to its unique coiling technology. It has the potential to double the output of galvanizing lines without changes to existing equipment. Fast changing and set-up times make it a true energy-saving champ. 


Lämneå Bruk will operate this groundbreaking machine live in Düsseldorf at the newly designed stand every day at 9:45, 10.45, 13:45, and 15:45 - except Friday, when the last demonstration will be earlier at 14.45. 

Among other machines on display, the stand will also feature the well-known Lämneå Bruk Drawing Machine and the 2nd generation of the Fully Automatic Precision Layer Winder. 

Both models have been in Lämneå Bruk's Top 3 best-selling machines for years.


Lämneå Bruk has been in the wire industry for more than 100 years. All machine components are designed and manufactured on-site at its facilities in Sweden.

With such a pedigree, Lämneå Bruk can flaunt a truly in-depth knowledge of the sector and always find new solutions to the needs of its international clientele.

Products and services
Wire drawing machines for carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel wires
Fully automatic precision layer winder, wire winder for wire re-spooling and coiling
No twist coiler for wire coiling, wire take-up
Mechanical descaling machine for wire: brush descaler
Semi-automatic precision layer wire winder
Descaling machines for wire cleaning and rod cleaning
Wire spooling machine, horizontal
Wire spooling machine, vertical, for different wire spools and reels
Live block wire coiler, vertical, for wire rewinding
Wire pay-off, vertical rotating pay-off with tilting and expanding device
Wire rod pay-off with two wire coil holders
Horizontal flyer pay-off for wire coils
Vertical flyer wire pay-off with roller conveyor
Pay-off machine for strip coils
Flipper wire pay-off, horizontal, to uncoil wire off a coil before wire processing
Wire de-spooling machine, horizontal
Sanding machine for mechanical descaling of low, high carbon, stainless steel wire
Continuous wire drawing machine bullblock for large wire
Complete lines to manufacture flux core wire
Take-up wire coilers for wire drawing plants (down, vertical, horizontal)
Automatic wire spooling machine for in-line or re-spooling operations
Automatic wire spooling machine, horizontal
Wire rewinding line, semi-automatic, with wire pay-off and wire spooling machine
Rotating wire tension control system with traversing spool
Wire take-up for multiwire process machines
Wire pointing machines for different wire diameters
Rotating die holders for wire drawing machines