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Manufacturing processes to the next level - Smart technology

Published: - 19/05/2020 Author: Pepe, Sales Dep.
Manufacturing processes to the next level - Smart technology

Big data, industry 4.0, deep learning, artificial intelligence, smart technology… The world is constantly evolving and it is difficult to keep up with all of the innovation that occurs every day.

Maillefer, the leading wire & cable and pipe & tube extrusion expert, knows that smart technology is the key to revolutionizing the traditional production chain. Indeed, the company has been implementing groundbreaking solutions into its products for years.

Today's production processes are more and more digitally integrated and automated, generating enormous amounts of data. Individuals need the assistance of modern tools to decipher it and put it to use. Deep learning, computer algorithms, complex structures: process controlling is approaching a whole new level of automation.

The human decision-making process leads to a certain amount of risk in the manufacturing process. High-speed and high-precision automated control computer systems revolve around risk reduction and prediction. With constant monitoring and optimization, automated line control also enables predictive maintenance, hence reducing downtime and dramatically improving OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency).

The main goal? Lead the machines to autonomously manufacture better products under better operating conditions, while humans concentrate on engineering better machines.

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