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Roundness optimization in power cable manufacturing lines

Published: - 18/02/2019 Author: Di Maggio, EIC
Roundness optimization in power cable manufacturing lines

Besides its world-renowned curing calculation program (NCC), allowing to optimize the line configuration of a power cable production line to reach maximum line speed, Maillefer is constantly working on developing non-linear models linking process parameters and end-product quality.

At its pilot vertical line in Maillefer's R&D Center in Vantaa, Finland, the company performed several tests in order to build a process model of the extrusion and CV process parameters as well as their effects on the cable core roundness and lengthwise variation.

The experiments carried out to develop a cable roundness optimization model show that ovality and lengthwise variation have four input variables namely screw speed, insulation thickness, surface temperature and melt temperature. The model give us a good insight into how the four input variables affect the uniformity of the insulation material.

The models developed by Maillefer help to determine good process conditions resulting in non-uniformities below specified limits. When the models are combined with the NCC program, it is possible to optimize productivity and quality at the same time.