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Single and double layer extrusion: DHC Crosshead by Maillefer

Published: - 13/01/2020 Author: Pepe, Sales Dep.
Single and double layer extrusion: DHC Crosshead by Maillefer

Maillefer is a real expert in the pipe & tube and wire & cable extrusion industry. From Finland all the way to the USA, the company has five regional sales and service branches in China, Egypt, India, Russia, USA, and two major centers (Finland and Switzerland) to serve its customers quickly and accurately.

Today, Maillefer puts its latest rubber cable production accessory under the spotlight: the DHC 60/90/ Enter Crosshead, best suited for both single and dual layer extrusion of MV and LV rubber cables.
This extrusion head is engineered with a conical design to enhance centering, sealing, and heat transmission. The particular shape also ensures easier assembling and dismantling operations for a hassle-free tool changing. It also lowers the melt pressure by featuring large flow channels to speed up the production and reduce scorch risks.
Accurate cable dimensions, fast setup time, and wide production range are only some of the advantages the DHC Crosshead will bring to your extrusion line: do not hesitate to get in touch with Maillefer through the information on the left.

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