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Optimizing space and speeding up operations

Published: - 21/09/2022 Author: Claudia, Ed. Staff
Optimizing space and speeding up operations

Why choose an automated warehouse for the steel industry

The storage of pipes, metal sheets, profiles, billets, bars, and other steel products entails a long list of risks and problems that are well known to the industry operators.

From the long lead times required for handling, through to the large spaces required for storage, from frequent identification errors – which further extend times – to the risk of material damage and accidents: the world of warehouses is full of pitfalls.

MATTER automated warehouses:
• meet the needs of steel companies, both efficiently and functionally:
• they make it possible to optimize space, increasing storage capacity on the same surface area;
• the speed of handling is much greater, also thanks to seamless integration with existing production and shipping systems;
• identification errors and material damage are basically reduced to zero, as are workplace accidents.

With a mechanical division dedicated to manufacturing and installing the automated warehouses and an automation division in charge of developing the management software, MATTER is the one-stop supplier for the entire production process, making the installation of its solutions much more efficient.

For more information about MATTER's handling and storage solutions, please, contact the company through the contacts on the side.

Part of the Lucefin Group for 30 years, MATTER Srl designs and manufactures internal handling and storage systems for companies in the steel industry, especially for producers and distributors of bars, pipes, and sheets.