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Custom screws and fasteners, the specialty of Mecavit

Published: - 22/11/2021 Author: Pepe, Sales Dep.
Custom screws and fasteners, the specialty of Mecavit

Custom fasteners are the core business of Mecavit, the historical producer of carbon, hardened, tempered, and stainless steel screws.

The company, based in Italy, can manufacture custom-design screws for multiple applications: mechanics, automotive, and household appliances are just some of the sectors that make wide use of Mecavit products.
Thanks to advanced CAD workstations, the company's technical staff develops solutions aimed at solving the particular needs of the customer (ie better than standard mechanical or corrosion resistance). Depending on the use, the fasteners can also be subjected to heat treatments to improve their physical properties.

Here is a sample of Mecavit’s custom production:

- self-forming threaded inserts;
- adjustable screws;
- oil plugs;
- screws with Precote thread locking system;
- grooved screws for O.R.;
- button-head screws
- collar screws
- welding screws.

For the complete list of special products, have a look at the dedicated web page >>>

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