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Fastener perfection, Mecavit: Italian contemporary art

Published: - 02/05/2021 Author: Pepe, Sales Dep.
Fastener perfection, Mecavit: Italian contemporary art

Having considerable experience in your reference sector means knowing every detail and variable of your work to perfection. Using excellent materials is not enough: what really makes a company competitive is the ability to determine exactly what the customer needs to engineer the perfect solution.

In the field of fasteners and small metal parts, there is one company that produces true masterpieces. Products that are perfect in everything, from tolerances to finishes, from wear resistance to tightening performance. We are talking about Mecavit, the Italy-based firm that has been engaged in the production of standard and custom screws and fasteners for over forty years. Mecavit is not only a manufacturer, it is a perfectionist. The strict quality controls allow to monitor the result at all times and the skilled corporate staff can support the customer at every stage of the order.

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Mecavit, Italian contemporary art.

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