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Mecavit 4.0, a smart screw manufacturer

Published: - 13/07/2020 Author: Pepe, Sales Dep.
Mecavit 4.0, a smart screw manufacturer

Industry 4.0 is an industrial automation trend that consists in implementing new production technologies to improve working conditions, productivity, and the quality of the finished products. The many benefits of this fourth industrial revolution are leading more and more companies to digitalize their operations and move toward a “smart” factory model.

In this article, Giuseppe Verdoliva, Mecavit Sales Director, tells us how the company is going through this transition phase. For several years now, Mecavit has been equipped with the best technologies both in production and IT fields in order to maximize efficiency and flexibility. Against this backdrop, the company invested in applying Industry 4.0 models to their machinery, thus equipping them with the most modern innovations offered by specialized companies. With these upgrades it is now possible to monitor each production phase, as well as to collect and analyze real-time data to process efficiency statistics. Thanks to these advanced systems, industrial costs are more precise and easier to determine.

Production is managed and monitored in real time. Every step is linked to a bar code and all information is uploaded in the corporate network for precise management. The warehouses are monitored in the same way, even though double weight control manual picking management systems are used.

As far as the Italian stimulus plan for 4.0 is concerned, to date the company has only marginally benefited from it, since the technological upgrades were made concurrently with other investments in R&D. The subsidies, however, can be a good incentive for the adaptation to the 4.0 industrialization plan on a large scale throughout Italy.

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