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Mecavit, a new steel wire preparation line in the corporate facility

Published: - 23/06/2021 Author: Pepe, Sales Dep.
Mecavit, a new steel wire preparation line in the corporate facility

Mecavit is the flagship of the Italian fastener industry. The company mainly addresses highly specialized sectors such as mechanical engineering and automotive. Using modern, Industry-4.0 production tools, the firm manufactures standard and special carbon and stainless steel screws.

As part of a three-year investment plan, Mecavit has recently carried out the expansion work of its corporate facility. 1000 square meters will house an entirely new steel wire preparation line which will improve the company’s production capability in terms of versatility and efficiency. Indeed, Mr. Giuseppe Verdoliva, Mecavit Sales Director, claims that the new preparation line will guarantee higher quality both for automotive-intended products (accounting for one-third of Mecavit’s business) and for the rest of the corporate portfolio. Moreover, the area – together with two new sorting machines, one thread rolling machine, and one multi-station machine – will allow Mecavit to further broaden its export. Today, the company sells more than half of its yield overseas, including the entire EU, Russia, and extra-EU countries.

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