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2D-OP-01 by MicroStudio: the new optional tool for LED2D profile projectors

Published: - 31/03/2021 Author: Scaccabarozzi, Ed. Staff
2D-OP-01 by MicroStudio: the new optional tool for LED2D profile projectors

As of today, the owners of MicroStudio's LED2D-50H and LED2D-100H profile projectors can count on a fantastic new optional tool. In fact, the Italian company has recently launched 2D-OP-01 for the measurement of tension springs

Equipped with a magnetic support, 2D-OP-01 allows the stable and precise rotation of the spring on its main axis, aligning its loops with the measuring plane. This tool makes positioning operations easy and immediate, allowing to save time and therefore money.

For more information, please watch the video below.

Established in 1991 in Besnate (Italy), MicroStudio designs and supplies machinery, software, and devices for quality control in the spring industry: gauges, camera instruments, dynamometers, and much more.

Products and services
Verification and Characterization of springs
CAL2D-50 - Camera spring length and diameter tester
LED2D - Automatic camera profile projector
LED3D - Camera instrument for three-dimensional analysis of compression springs
LED4D - Instrument for analysis of all forces and geometries of compression springs under load
CAL280 - Spring length caliper with electrical contact.
LED50 - Camera gauge for compression springs
SCR - Automatisches Kameramessgerät zur Profilkontrolle für große Stückzahlen
PMZ - Automatic springs load tester
PMA - Hand operated spring tester
PMK1 - High efficiency and quick load tester. Measurement system with integrated camera
PMG - Measuring instrument for springs for seals
MXM - Spring load tester for high loads
PTM - Hand operated torque tester
PTZ - Automatic motorized springs torque tester
PTX - Automatic high sensitivity torque tester
MCF - Extremely accurate load tester
PMF - Machine for high speed life test of compression and extension springs
RDZ - Automatic machine for setting of compression springs
MC54 - Macchina per l'assestamento ed il controllo di carico di grandi quantità di molle
ASC20-SP - The practical solution for small spools
ASC500-SP - The easy solution for thin and medium wire spools. It does not requires mechanical means for loading
ASC1000-SP - The easy solution for medium and big wire spools
ASC100 - The flexible solution: three different configurations changeable by the operator
ASC250-600 - For 250 and 600 Kg spools and bundles
ASC1000 - For 1000 kg spools and bundles
FEN - Modular barrier system for operator’s safety