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The 4th Industrial Revolution of a machine manufacturer: increased productivity and reduced costs

Published: - 16/04/2020 Author: Vood, Sales Dep.
The 4th Industrial Revolution of a machine manufacturer: increased productivity and reduced costs

The rise of new digital technologies has had a profound impact on many sectors, including manufacturing, leading to a radical transformation of production processes. The benefits are countless: data collection, more flexibility and efficiency, as well as the production of high-quality goods at lower costs. We are talking about the Fourth Industrial Revolution, better known as Industry 4.0.

In today's article, we will see how Milani Srl, wire machinery manufacturer since 1986, has carried out the transition to 4.0 to increase its productivity and reduce costs. To do this, we have asked Gianluca Milani, one of the owners, to give us an insight. The buzzword? Cutting-edge machinery at affordable prices.

Remodeling your design and manufacturing processes must have required considerable efforts. How did you proceed in this regard?

"When we started investing in digital technology, this trend was not yet dominant in Italy. In 2004 we began to upgrade our design methods. A significant step in this direction was the implementation of 3D technologies, which allowed us to speed up the prototype development and reduce errors. More recently, we have reassessed all manufacturing processes in sequence".

What about your machines?

"Our company mainly offers two types of products: wire straightening and cutting machines, as well as complete lines for the production of link chains.

In recent years, we have developed a new line of cutting-edge machines with updated electronics and software, able to compete with the world's leading manufacturers. A perfect example is the brand new MCC7 servo drive chain calibrating machine. These 4.0 machines are all digitally connected to one another and constantly sharing information. This allows the customer to monitor data exchange as well as downtime, with a substantial increase in production capacity. The digital transformation has also considerably reduced the costs for robotics and automation so that companies can now afford complex solutions without breaking their bank".

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