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Automated company logistics: Minsavit’s new vertical warehouse

Published: - 03/10/2019 Author: Vood, Sales Dep.
Automated company logistics: Minsavit’s new vertical warehouse

For over 30 years, the Italian company Minsavit Srl has been producing small metal parts and special screws by sample or on customers’ design, in various materials (brass, aluminum, stainless steel, copper) and classes of resistance. A wide range of galvanized finishings is also available.

The firm has recently revolutionized the way they manage logistics, thanks to the introduction of a new cutting-edge vertical warehouse. This logistic system offers several advantages: thanks to the vertical development, not only it allows to save a considerable amount of floor space, but it can also automatically store and pick up the pieces.

Thanks to a handy management and control system, the warehouse provides the operator with the right drawer within a few seconds. Product availability can also be monitored in real time: the warehouse can indeed automatically detect when a product is about to run out of stocks and sends a notification, thus making refilling operation easier than ever. Automated storing and picking up operations greatly streamline lead and delivery times.

Thanks to this vertical warehouse Minsavit Srl has made a huge leap forward in the management of production equipment.