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Mollificio Bergamasco, production of custom-made, electro-welded components

Published: - 31/07/2022 Author: Martina, Ed. Staff
Mollificio Bergamasco, production of custom-made, electro-welded components

The spring manufacturer Mollificio Bergamasco produces electro-welded components of all kinds, made through specific and innovative techniques and by employing state-of-the-art Bihler and Bruderer heading technology.

This type of technology enables highly complex geometries and operations with stability, precision, and with high yields. In addition, the company designs and manufactures all necessary production equipment in-house.

The metal components are designed based on the customer's drawing and/or in co-design, using metal strips to specification (with widths between 3 and 120 mm and thicknesses between 0.10 and 3.00 mm), silver wires (also alloyed) and electro-welded microprofiles. All operations are performed directly by the Bihler and Bruderer machines.

For any particular needs regarding the fabrication of electro-welded components, please do not hesitate to contact spring manufacturer Mollificio Bergamasco through the references on the side.

Mollificio Bergamasco's activity began in 1963. Over all these years, the company has always shown professionalism and dedication, thus becoming a leader in the industry. The results obtained to date by Mollificio Bergamasco have gone hand in hand with the loyalty of customers of great importance.