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"A lot of positive effects": NIEHOFF Magazine 2/2021 is available now

Published: - 11/01/2022 Author: Scaccabarozzi, Ed. Staff

Maschinenfabrik Niehoff, international manufacturer of machinery for the wire and cable industry, has released the latest issue of NIEHOFF Magazine. Its feature article reveals the company's focus on energy efficiency, resource conservation and sustainability, which have long been a top priority at Niehoff. Readers learn more about related business processes within the company and special features Niehoff machinery provides related to the crucial issue of sustainability.

The presentations at the virtual “Industry 4.0 Conference” held in place of the Interwire trade fair last October showed that digital technologies are of equal importance for efficient wire and cable production. Niehoff’s solution to this challenge is the Niehoff Digital Assistant+ app. Find out more about its features in the magazine. The app makes machine and production processes transparent enabling the users both to identify critical developments within production processes at an early stage and to react quickly to them. Consequently, it is an indispensable aid for users of Niehoff machinery to increase the overall system effectiveness (OEE) of their Niehoff systems.

As important as offering perfect technical solutions is to watch the world markets closely. This issue of the magazine looks at the North American and there especially at the US market where infrastructure is facing modernization by means of a huge government investment program. It makes wire and cable products indispensable.

Niehoff and its subsidiary Niehoff ENDEX North America Inc. (NENA) support North American wire and cable manufacturers in taking advantage of these and other market opportunities. One of these companies is introduced to the readers: Sam Dong America, one of the world's leading manufacturers of magnet wire and bare copper products.

Giving an insight into its sophisticated technology, Niehoff reports also on the first double twist stranding machine type D 2002 recently delivered to a well-known manufacturer of power cables. The machine is able to strand up to 61 conductors. It has “gigantic dimensions” and is designed for spools with a flange diameter of 2 m and a spool weight of up to 12 t.
Reporting from Niehof's Customer Service, one article shows the overhaul of a multiwire drawing machine type MMH 101 with 80,000 operating hours. As a result, the machine is “revitalized and powerful again” with a 12-month warranty. After modernization measures like this one, Niehoff customers profit from the benefits of manufacturing in an energy and resource-efficient manner.

Completing the magazine, its news section contains, among other things, a report on the virtual real-time tour through the Niehoff factory in Schwabach. It was probably one of the highlights during the “Wire & Cable 2021 Virtual Conference” organized by the business intelligence company CRU Group last May.

With its NIEHOFF Magazine published two times a year, Niehoff provides the readers with a regular update on company news and developments, trade fairs, events and many more interesting news. The magazine is available on and is published in English and German language including articles and summaries in Chinese and Russian.

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