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Niehoff: innovative and reliable also in Covid-19 times

Published: - 11/01/2021 Author: Di Maggio, EIC
Niehoff: innovative and reliable also in Covid-19 times

The NIEHOFF Magazine 2/2020 is available now

Maschinenfabrik Niehoff released the latest issue of the NIEHOFF Magazine. In the feature article, Niehoff explains why their customers can keep on relying on Niehoff despite the negative global impacts of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Niehoff guarantees a reliable supply of spare parts while maintaining a unique global service presence. Services offered by Niehoff now also include remote commissioning of machinery and machine relocations on the customer’s site. The current global market situation is reflected in a separate article. The world is experiencing a broad technological transformation and, simultaneously, has to deal with economic political uncertainties still worsened by the pandemic, also affecting the wire and cable industry. Wire and cable manufacturers, however, are now facing new market opportunities with their product portfolios covering a large scale of applications, including industries with demands that increase explicitly because of the pandemic. Key accounts will still be established in the automotive industry and the energy sector in the future.

Despite the tense market situation, Niehoff continues to launch innovative solutions, such as the new D series double-twist stranding machines for larger dimensioned power cables. These machines can be used to produce power cables, flexible cables, control cables, and many types more.

Niehoff is continually working on increasing the performance of their machinery. The latest version of the BMV16 rotary braiding machine described in the magazine features three patented innovations offering a big cost-saving potential to the customer. This machine was in the focus of interest of many visitors at the wire China 2020 trade fair in September.
KF-Insinger (KFI), a German manufacturer of copper wire braids using BMV type rotary braiding machines, and the Finnish cable manufacturer REKA are only two global players who keep on relying on Niehoff technology. KFI founder and Managing Director Andreas Insinger outlines the methods used by KFI to encounter the present global challenges in an interview also included in the magazine.
REKA Cables is introduced with a company portrait emphasizing their environmental approach, such as the use of renewable energy sources in both manufacturing processes and product range. REKA Cables ordered a Niehoff double-twist strander type D 2002 which is to be delivered in 2021.

Still in November 2019, Niehoff launched the NF WIRE FORUM in cooperation with three partner companies and the German Copper Institute DKI. The follow-up event held via video conference in October 2020 was dedicated to an interdisciplinary examination on “cup-and-cone” wire breaks. A summary of the key findings is included in the magazine.

With the NIEHOFF Magazine, the reader is offered a regular update on company news and developments, trade shows, events and other issues of interest two times a year. The magazine is published in English and German language including articles and summaries in Chinese and Russian and is available from the Niehoff headquarters in Germany, all Niehoff subsidiaries, and service offices worldwide, and retrievable from the Niehoff website:

In the picture: the cover page of NIEHOFF Magazine 2/2020