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Niehoff's exhibition motto is "Sustainability and energy saving"

Published: - 20/06/2022 Author: Di Maggio, EIC
Niehoff's exhibition motto is

Economical use of energy and materials and long service life are the traits d'union that characterize all the machines that Maschinenfabrik Niehoff will exhibit at the upcoming wire 2022. At booth number C06 in Hall 10, the leading German manufacturer of machinery for the wire and cable industry will showcase three machines united by the motto "Sustainability and energy saving".

The three exhibits feature a series of world technological firsts:

1. Multiwire drawing line type MMH 112 + RM 202 + S 632

Designed for copper and aluminum wires, the MMH 112 epitomizes a new generation of multiwire drawing lines. Operating reliably at speeds up to 40 m/s allows for achieving a huge increase in production. The attainable energy savings are enormous in relation to the production volumes. The line requires no particular foundation or grouting, nor does it require any alignment effort. 

The new type RM 202 multiwire resistance annealer uses the field-proven 2/3-zone-system with or without wire reheating, resulting in optimum wire drying and considerable energy and cost savings. The new transformer technology for the annealer enables a 10% reduction in energy losses. The wire movement is controlled by a random generator with a new contact tube changing system which makes it easier to replace worn contact tubes.

The dynamic single spooler type S 632 which is integrated into the line on display has to its credit many functions that make maintenance extremely easy, like the complete electrical equipment (incl. electronics) located in the machine housing. 

2. BMV 16 type rotary braiding machine with integrated BAS 800 take-up and pay-off unit (in the picture on top right)

This braiding machine is designed for processing bare or plated round or flat wire made from copper, aluminum, or stainless steel as well as artificial yarn and fibers. It is equipped with three patented innovations: the capacity to automatically accelerate the bobbin rotational speed from 175 rpm to a max. value of 200 rpm while reducing the frequency of the lubrication intervals; the constant coverage ratio of the cable at the preset value which translates into material savings of up to 10%; faultless shielding and controlled wire tension, thanks to the application of all braiding wires via WTC system and dancer position.
The installed monitoring systems allow unmanned operation for long periods without frequent operator intervention.

3. D 632 type double twist buncher with ARP 630 pay-off

This buncher is the optimum solution for processing copper alloy fine wires such as CuSn0.3 into strands. The model on display at the wire 2022 fair will process a bundle with 7 wires made of CuSn0.3 alloy into strands design 7 x 0.156 mm ~ 0.13 mm². Its main feature is the single-bow design with energy-saving Eco-Bow, resulting in reduced power consumption compared with two-bows and conventional one-bow bunchers. Thanks to the adjustable and controlled wire tension system just the minimally required copper cross-section is generated when producing strands with very tight tolerances. The machine comes with a web app called myNIEHOFF that monitors the machine and process data.

On the upper floor: Niehoff’s comprehensive after-sales services

At the upper part of the stand, Niehoff's after-sales service will introduce its spare parts offering under the "Niehoff Original+" brand. These products help increase the efficiency of Niehoff systems in the long run. 

Modernization and relocation services

Niehoff after-sales specialists can also take care of modernizing older Niehoff machinery and relocating it. If you have any of these needs, please refer to the Niehoff specialists at the show; they are the ones who have the greatest knowledge of all the details of Niehoff systems and can draw on their extensive experience in modernization and machine transfer.

In short, Niehoff did not miss this opportunity to position itself among the leaders in innovation in the wire and cable industry. You are all invited to stand no. 10C06!