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Towards bigger stranding dimensions: Niehoff and NENA at Interwire 2019

Published: - 07/05/2019 Author: Di Maggio, EIC
Towards bigger stranding dimensions: Niehoff and NENA at Interwire 2019

The 2019 edition of Interwire is just around the corner and Maschinenfabrik Niehoff and its US subsidiary Niehoff Endex North America, Inc. (NENA) are preparing to showcase at booth 841:

> an MSM 83 rod breakdown machine and
> a D 1252 type double-twist stranding machine.

In addition, the offerings of the After Sales Service and the Niehoff Original+ components will be displayed at the booth as well. The visitors will also learn how they can use Niehoff’s digitization concept.

Description of the exhibits

The new rod breakdown machine type MSM 83
with electronic controls is designed to draw rod wire made of copper to a finished diameter range of 1.38 mm (0.054”) to 4.56 mm (0.179”) if equipped with 11 drafts. The machine can also be used for wire made of EC aluminium and soft aluminium alloys and operate at speeds up to 38 m/s (7,480 fpm) and is available in 11, 13 and 15 drafts. As the drawing capstans are placed on two levels, the MSM 83 is extremely short with a length of only 4.5 m.
The controls allow drawing with minimized slip, resulting in high quality wire surfaces and maximum energy savings. In addition, the optimized wire path and the innovative high pressure cooling of the drawing die holders contribute to a high wire surface quality.
As there is one winding direction, there are no bending loads on the wire in the drawing section.
The machine’s sensor technology makes it possible to use machine, production and process data according to Industry 4.0.
With the new Niehoff Digital Assistant+ 4.0, machine, production and process data can be recorded. Thus, continuous process monitoring and machine condition analysis are possible.

Niehoff is developing three D series double twist stranders for spool sizes 1250 mm, 1600 mm and 2000 mm as well as rigid stranders. The new D 1252 double twist strander is foreseen for stranding and compacting (round and sector) class 2 conductors for energy cables up to 19 wires with a cross-section of up to 250 KCMIL (120 mm²). The machine is also capable of stranding hard Cu & Al alloy wires, bunching flexible conductors up to 120 mm² (250 KCMIL) and laying up LV insulated conductors. Thanks to its unique features,the machine can reach a maximum rotating speed of 2000 TPM and a line speed of 300 m/min.
The machine features: wireless telemetry for all signals (including encoders), the service proven energy-saving single bow design, automatic traverse with flange detection allowing spools to be perfectly wound, monitoring of bearings temperature & cradle vibration…
Thanks to its design, a smooth cable passage enhances the quality of the produced conductor due to a straight conductor path from the second twist pulley to the haul-off capstan and due to a big diameter of pulleys and haul-off capstan. A strong compacting degree is achievable via a motorized compacting die with lubrication. And two pairs of compacting rollers are provided for best quality of sector shaped conductors.
The machine is equipped with the highest automation and best production control offering perfect repeatable product quality, excellent efficiency and fast return on investment.

The Niehoff Group

Maschinenfabrik Niehoff has been developing and building for more than 60 years machinery needed for the production and the downstream processing of non-ferrous wires into automotive, power, data and special cables. In addition, the portfolio contains technical assistance by professional specialists who speak the customer' languages. 

Niehoff Endex North America, Inc. (NENA), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Niehoff Group with manufacturing and engineering capabilities is responsible for the North American sale and support for the complete range of the Niehoff equipment and services portfolio. 

The Niehoff Group with over 850 employees worldwide is comprised of its headquarters, six manufacturing subsidiaries (in Brazil, the US, the Czech Republic, India, China, and Sweden) as well as sales and service centers in Japan, Singapore and Russia.


In the picture above:
The new MSM 83 rod breakdown machine with R 501 type inline resistance annealer

The new D 1252 type double-twist strander