Nuova Defim Orsogril Spa

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Anzano del Parco - CO
Italy (22040)
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Ester Cottone
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Nuova Defim Orsogril lands on

Published: - 18/05/2020 Author: Pepe, Sales Dep.
Nuova Defim Orsogril lands on

Special electro-welded meshes, gratings, fences, and gates are widely used products in many industrial and residential sectors.

They also are the specialties of Nuova Defim Orsogril, member of the Feralpi group and newcomer to The Italian company develops quality solutions that always perfectly answer market demands. In addition to the product itself, Nuova Defim Orsogril provides first-class pre and post sales consulting and assistance.

Nuova Defim Orsogril combines the experience of tradition with the most advanced technological innovation to guarantee a service that meets the expectations of the metallurgy and construction industry.

The company puts the passion of a motivated team into everyday's work by following 6
fundamental guidelines:

1. cooperating with the customer to find the best solution in terms of technique and materials;
2. use of top quality materials;
3. production plants always developed and adjusted according to customer needs;
4. multiple checks in processing and quality control phases;
5. precise and punctual deliveries;
6. technical assistance for every need.

But that is not all: Nuova Defim Orsogril adheres to the Feralpi Group Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, which sets out the ethical commitments and responsibilities of its partners and employees.

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