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Equipment for automotive fasteners: OMC33Br and OMC Care

Published: - 19/02/2021 Author: Pepe, Sales Dep.
Equipment for automotive fasteners: OMC33Br and OMC Care

OMC-Wirelombardia specializes in manufacturing machinery for the fastener industry with the goal of improving production processes, boosting yield, and producing top-notch finished parts.

Automotive is one of the most flourishing fields for the Italian company, which boasts a wide portfolio of tailor-made machines for the segment. Knowing that extremely precise tolerances are essential in this industry, OMC-Wirelombardia has developed the OMC33Br model, specifically designed to recalibrate threads after surface treatments.

Obtaining a perfect product, however, is not enough! During logistics operations, threads may be damaged, compromising the overall quality of the fastener. To address this specific issue as well, OMC-Wirelombardia has designed the OMC Spir 3 system (of the OMC Care line). This piece of equipment gently lays the recalibrated products in the appropriate containers.

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