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OMD to introduce the WH coiling lathes line

Published: - 18/05/2020 Author: Vood, Sales Dep.
OMD to introduce the WH coiling lathes line

Headquartered in Northern Italy, OMD is specialized in the production of spring machinery, including grinding machines, coiling machines, bending machines, chamfering machines, and lathes.

In today's article, we present the new WH lines of lathes for the cold coiling of springs in medium and large wire. The models in the WH line are designed for the automatic manufacture of compression springs with right or left coiling and with closed or variable pitch. The machines are also suitable for the production of torsion springs.

Following below, the main benefits of OMD lathes:
• can work a wide range of wires;
• reduced tooling costs;
• no further operations required;
• intuitive graphic interface to greatly reduce setup times.

These machines boast first-rate technical features:
• 3-axes CNC control. Possibility of adding a 4th and 5th axis to make complex torsion and conical springs;
• workable range of diameters: up to 30 mm;
• spring length: up to 2000 mm;
• spindle with coiling bar centering system;
• rolls move according to the wire inlet to position the spring correctly in the coiling spindle and the cutting tool;
• front wire guide rollers to guide and position the wire correctly;
• hydraulic cutting station;

• safety devices to protect the operator and ensure the correct operation of the machine;
• industrial PC for program management + touch screen (15") for data display;
• graphic programming;
• Ethernet port for remote connection and assistance.

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