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Why choose OMD water-cooled grinding machines

Published: - 28/07/2020 Author: Vood, Sales Dep.
Why choose OMD water-cooled grinding machines

OMD (Officina Meccanica Domaso S.p.A) specializes in the production of water-cooled grinding machines for springs with wire diameters up to 100 mm.

Thanks to their lower tooling costs and better performance with large-diameter wires, water-cooled machines represent a much more preferable alternative to dry grinding machines. OMD equipment encapsulates the corporate reliability and quality, as well as its long-standing experience in the sector and the constant contribution of technological improvements.

Currently available 2 different series:

The H series (including models H50, H80, H100, H110, H120, H150)
are equipped with a single horizontal spindle and designed for grinding one spring end. Featuring the automatic feed of the grinding wheel, adjustment of grinding wheel rotation speed and automatic compensation for grinding wheel consumption, the H series grinding machines can operate according to the following methods:

- advance/feed of the spindle assembly with constant grinding pressure;
- advance/feed of the spindle assembly with different speed;
- intermittent grinding with cool-down.

The HA/2 series (including models HA80/2, HA100/2 HA100/2-2) are designed for large production volumes and equipped with double horizontal spindle and loading plate for simultaneous and plane-parallel grinding of both springs ends. The machines are complete with an automatic checking and positioning system, automatic compensation for grinding wheel consumption, automatic dressing system, as well as electronic speed adjustment of the loading plate and grinding wheels.

All machines are PLC controlled and equipped with an operator console for programming and diagnostics. OMD aims to always produce state-of-the-art machines, not only in terms of top-notch mechanics, but also in terms of advanced IT tools to support the management of the grinding operations. Assistance on all models is managed remotely to ensure continuity in production.

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