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Industry 4.0 - A new CNC milling-boring machine in OMF's machine shop

Published: - 31/07/2022 Author: Martina, Ed. Staff
Industry 4.0 - A new CNC milling-boring machine in OMF's machine shop

OMF - Officina Meccanica Frigerio SRL continues its collaboration with FPT Industrie SPA

OMF is glad to rely once again on FPT machines for its machining operations. Castel Terus 180 is the name of the new travelling column machine for milling and boring operations, which recently made its entry in the company's machine shop. It is a state-of-the-art CNC milling-boring machine with the following equipment:

Travels: X=2500 / Y=1800 / Z=1800
Head: Univ. bi-rotary automatic continuous positioning head with millesimal positioning
Spindle motor: Kw 34 rotation 7000 rpm
Rotary table: Ton. 12 mm. 1500x1750
Accessories: 46-place tool magazine

The milling machine is a new addition to the INDUSTRY 4.0 COMPLIANT equipment, which is crucial to meet the needs of an ever-shifting market.

Attention to customer demands is, in fact, OMF's main factor of success. Over the years, strategies have changed (from paper drawings to "mathematics" in the most common formats), machinery (from manual milling machines to Industry 4.0 CNCs), workflows (from organizational structure to ISO 9001 certification), but flexibility and customer needs will always play a central role in operational decisions.

Officina Meccanica Frigerio SRL has been dealing with mechanical machining since 1974. The territorial proximity to wire drawing mills has enabled the company to pursue a continuous process of specialization and productivity improvement in the field of auxiliary wire drawing machinery.