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Pan Chemicals: drawing lubricants and coatings for the wire industry at wire 2018

Published: - 13/03/2018 Author: Simonati, Programming office
Pan Chemicals: drawing lubricants and coatings for the wire industry at wire 2018

PAN CHEMICALS is an Italian company producing high tech drawing lubricants and coatings for the wire industry.
In 2017 PAN CHEMICALS has proudly reached its 30th year of activity, consolidating its long and certified experience in the drawing industry.

PAN CHEMICALS is present worldwide selling directly or through Branch Companies: PAN CHEMICALS BOSHORUS in Istanbul, PAN CHEMICALS AMERICAS recently opened in Mexico, or through its network of agents, distributors and commercial subsidiaries.

The production program includes cutting edge products:
Dry drawing lubricants (PANLUBE S) full range of calcium, sodium, aluminium, zinc, lithium and combined products for low and high carbon steel and stainless steel.
Wet drawing lubricants (PANLUBE L) complete range of oils, greases and pastes for wet drawing of low and high carbon, welding wire, stainless steel and non-ferrous wire.
Lubricant carriers (PANCOVER) phosphates and non-reactive coatings.
Flux for galvanizing (PANFLUX) especially developed to improve the efficiency of the galvanising process by a uniform control of the reaction between zinc and iron, reducing operation costs and improving the quality of the zinc coating.
Auxiliary products (PANCHEM) degreasing agents, pickling inhibitors, protective products, activated charcoal, wiping pads, spiral brushes and more.

PAN CHEMICALS has a strong emphasis on close technical collaboration with its Clients. Proactiveness and high responsiveness to every Customer’s need is essential for the Company, which provides customised solutions for the best drawing practices.

PAN CHEMICALS is also deeply focused on research and development of new products for specific applications. Particular attention is dedicated to the development of ecological products to comply with International Regulations.

In addition to the chemical and auxiliary products, the Engineering department offers different solutions for mechanical descaling and coating & drying, along with rotating die boxes and die reconditioning equipment.
PAN CHEMICALS, with its long experience and specialised technical service, offers the highest quality drawing lubricants to reach the state-of-the-art drawing processes, aiming to be the world market leader of drawing lubricants and coatings.

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