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"Invisible" fasteners, the allies of interior design

Published: - 22/09/2022 Author: Martina, Ed. Staff

We live in an era dominated by conformism, where people often follow trends and fashions, which - in some ways - leave little room for your own personality. If there’s a place where you should really be yourself is home.
Our home is a way through which we express our individuality, and this reflects on the choice of every detail of furniture, colors, lighting, and style.

In the interior design industry, fasteners and assembly play a key role. Fasteners are our "invisible allies'' that reduce visual impact and allow greater freedom in construction, thus striking the perfect harmony between aesthetics and functionality. Several factors influence the choice of suitable fasteners, such as clamping force, resistance capacity, and electrical non-conductivity, and you can find all of these in the plastic fasteners offered by Panozzo Srl.

Another valid option, supplied by the company, are the plastic connectors for square tubes, which are fasteners indicated for the rapid assembly phase of frames and also almost "invisible." The purpose of these connectors is to connect the different tubes that are pushed in without requiring any kind of fastening.

These elements, mainly used by professionals who need to easily assemble and disassemble any structure (e.g., trade booths), are also widely used by designers or DIY lovers. In fact, many interior design ideas are often inspired by different worlds and sectors. Imagination has no limits!

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