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Protect your metal products during the painting process with Panozzo plastic caps

Published: - 02/05/2021 Author: Pepe, Sales Dep.
Protect your metal products during the painting process with Panozzo plastic caps

Those who work in the painting industry often face the need to protect holes, cylinder threads, and other parts from the substances used. If not carried out correctly, painting can ruin metal products, forcing the manufacturer to repeat the entire production process. To prevent this unpleasant consequence, some companies resort to screws or simple paper. However, these tools require a lot of time to be applied and removed, and they may produce less than satisfactory results. For this reason, Panozzo Srl offers a much faster and effective solution: plastic caps.

In this article, we provide you with a quick guide to the plastic caps offered by the Italy-based company for various coating processes.

Polyethylene caps for room-temperature coating.
Specifically engineered for operations carried out at temperatures below 80 °C, such as sandblasting or micro-painting. This category includes cylindrical caps and caps for pipes, flanges, and valves. Both are pressure caps, easy to apply, generally disposable, and they are also the cheapest solutions. The former are of "male" type, while the latter are defined as "female".

EPDM caps for hot or powder coating at medium temperatures.
For those who work with medium temperatures, up to 170 °C intermittently. In particular, Panozzo offers conical caps for medium temperatures, i.e. male pressure caps, easy to apply and reusable thanks to the material’s resistance. Caps for medium temperatures (female caps) are also available. Also included in this category are cylindrical plugs and plugs with handles for medium temperatures, both male caps that allow easy extraction with pliers or other tools.

Silicone plugs for hot or powder coating at high temperatures.
For work carried out at temperatures starting from 180 °C. Although more expensive, they provide maximum performance. The conical caps for high temperatures are the most versatile and easy-to-apply male pressure caps that can be used several times. Thanks to their shape, they are suitable for a wide range of diameters. Their counterparts are silicone female caps for high temperatures. If you need male caps that are easy to extract (using pliers or other tools), the corporate catalog also offers cylindrical plugs and plugs with handles for high temperatures.

In addition to the aforementioned features, Panozzo plastic caps offer further advantages: first of all, they are a long-lasting solution that can also be used after painting, forming an effective barrier against dirt, dust, and shocks during storage and handling. Another benefit is their versatility: the caps can be used for any application and in any environment characterized by medium and high temperatures.

The corporate product range allows you to cover a very wide range of needs while always meeting high-quality standards. Contact the company through the references on the side and ask for a free sample!