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Where and why to use plastic fasteners

Published: - 21/11/2017 Author: Scaccabarozzi, Ed. Staff
Where and why to use plastic fasteners

For various technical and safety requirements, you are often forced to eliminate potential electrical conductors. Therefore, somehow you have to resort to alternative materials such as plastic, which guarantees the same mechanical properties of metals but without having their negative characteristics.

In fact, plastic screws and fasteners can be found in cars, shelves, furniture, machinery, home fixtures, household appliances, computers - almost everywhere.

The production of plastic screws is made almost exclusively with PA 6.6. This material is a polyamide belonging to the family of thermoplastics also known with the nomenclature nylon 6.6, excellent for fasteners that exclude the use of metal. For particular uses, the use of Teflon can also be evaluated.

On, customers and/or potential ones can easily and quickly find the fasteners they need and request for quotations, samples or download the PDF catalogs.

Panozzo is also able to produce small batches of plastic articles on customer's design.