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Pararamount Die Paraloc pressure system on showcase at Interwire Atlanta 2019

Published: - 04/04/2019 Author: Vood, Sales Dep.
Pararamount Die Paraloc pressure system on showcase at Interwire Atlanta 2019

Paramount Die is the world’s largest supplier of carbide wire dies to the global wire drawing industry and a market leader in the delivery of high quality dies and new technologies. At the 2019 Interwire, this market position will be reinforced with the delivery of many new and/or expanded product technologies exhibited.

Long known as an industry innovator, Paramount has introduced several products which have become wire industry standards or best practices, and Paramount continues to innovate today. Higher drawing speeds, better wire quality and improved wire mill productivity have all been aided by Paramount innovations. One such innovation is the world renowned Paraloc pressure system; the most widely used pressure die system in the world. ParaLoc pressure systems deliver higher drawing performance while also promote sustainability by allowing customers to return their used carbide dies to be responsibly reprocessed in Paramount’s automated reprocessing system. At Interwire 2019, Paramount will be focusing on best practices to maintain holders in optimum condition so as to maximize die performance.

A more recent innovation to Paramount’s holder product segment is the new ParaLoc-S, a pressure system designed to fit into smaller spaces. This allows customers to use a fully functioning pressure system in smaller dieboxes and will open the benefits of ParaLoc pressure systems to older drawing lines.

Paramount has long been recognized as a premier supplier of standard dies. However, Paramount is also a leader in the development of Large & Bar dies in both round and shaped. Currently, work is being performed to develop new technologies in these areas. Using the technical understanding that has made Paramount a wire die market leader, Paramount is applying the same scientific approach to design and manufacture state-of-the-art Large and Shaped dies for all applications. With the capability to produce rounds and shaped dies in diameters up to 3 inches (75 mm) and in 9 inch casings (225 mm), Paramount can provide a die solution for any die need, and deliver higher value to Large & Bar wire producers.

Paramount is continually searching for new technologies that will enable wire drawers to further improve their processes, products and profitability. All of these factors allow Paramount to deliver the very highest quality wire dies to wire drawers across the globe, at an extremely competitive price point. With an eye toward the future, Paramount continues to improve die quality and develop new technologies to maximize the value returned to wire drawers.

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